Best Summer Statement Earrings


Summer 2018 has already been dubbed the season of the statement earring. Despite their size, statement earrings are small accessories that pack a big punch to accentuate any outfit. From bright colors to bold textures, here’s some of our picks for best statement earrings now:

1.) Bird of Paradise Earrings. These fabulous multi colored drop earrings will liven up any party this summer. Featuring turquoise, orange, purple, and pink jewels set in swirled fabric, you definitely have a lot of color options to play with when rocking these.

Bird Of Paradise Earrings

2.) Watermelon Statement Earring. A little quirky and a lot of cute. Vintage inspired fruit shaped earrings are everywhere this summer and these threaded watermelon slices show off the best of the fruit motif trend with their simplicity.

Watermelon Earrings

3.) Blue Gaby Swirl Earrings. Love the Bird of Paradise Earrings but want to tone it down a notch? Try the all blue sister style with the Blue Gaby Swirl.


4.) La Vie Parisienne Filigree Stone Earrings. What's a statement earring if it's not making, well, a big statement? Get blinged out with these vintage inspired handmade filigree drop earrings featuring Swarovski crystals.


5.) Minimal Shapes Earrings- Sculptural earrings are one of the biggest trends of the year and these two-toned metal drop earrings show it off well.

Minimal Shapes Earring
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Minimal Shape Earrings
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